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Why work with Kopal and Vikas?

We are wanderers by heart and hustlers by nature (we are running a blog with our full-time jobs). Travelling for us is more than just a passion, exploring is more than just a way to find an escape and blogging is more than just articulating our experiences. We are storytellers! If you are a brand or a product that caters to the young souls (because age is just a number) we’d love to work with you.


Who is our Audience?

When we started Traversed Lands, the idea was to inspire people to travel often, keeping their full-time jobs. We work as Digital Marketing Manager (Kopal) and Product Manager (Vikas) at India’s promising startups. The content we create is around sustaining the dream of exploring the world, one place at a time. We focus on budget travels and offbeat destinations, offering an optimised itinerary that helps fellow travellers manage their travel funds and time.


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