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Work with a view in North Goa at The Noname Guesthouse (Arambol)

When all you are looking for is a leisurely stay and afternoons on the beach, Arambol should definitely be on your list. When I decided to spend 3 days in Goa before heading up north to Uttarakhand, I booked my stay at The Noname Guesthouse.

Now that I am back from Goa, I am going to give you 6 reasons why you should stay there too-

The Vibe

The Noname Guesthouse is an epitome of what we millennials call ‘acceptance’. During my stay, I realised how the culture at the guesthouse was truly global. The common cafe area where travellers spent most of their time, had a small library with books from every genre. I could see people from different countries, indulged in conversations; a beautiful exchange of culture, travel stories and life learnings and what not.



The co-working space

To support digital nomads and people who prefer location independent jobs like myself, The Noname Guesthouse offers a co-working space that seats 14 people up on the terrace. You can join the space for free, all you have to do is pay for the high-speed internet usage on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your need. In exchange, you’ll have a quaint workstation with a beach view. Moreover, you can also take a break from work and blow off some steam on TRX belts and custom-made push-up and hanging bars. How cool is that?


The Food

The Guesthouse has an open kitchen for you to see Vera and her team create magic in there. They serve vegetarian food and eggs. The ingredients that are used on daily basis are fresh and healthy. They often use rye bread which is prepared in-house, just like most of their sandwich spreads and dips. When I visited the guesthouse, they were just serving breakfast (9 am to 12:00 pm) however, during the peak season time, which starts from November onwards, they also serve lunch and dinner. Their menu usually consists of Mediterranean greens salads, pasta, gazpacho, cream-soups, hummus, paella and more. Also, do not forget to try their special green smoothie. You will thank me later.


The Accommodation


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The Noname Guesthouse offers 3 types of rooms based on your need and budget – Economy single (for 1 person), standard single (for 1 person), Standard double (for 2-3 person). These are tastefully designed and they have paid attention to details. Whenever you book a room, you’d be offered free breakfast. They also provide you with basic toiletries, hot shower, wifi and an extra set of linens. Please note that the property is children-friendly.

The Team

The guesthouse is owned by Alex and Vera, a Russian couple. They moved to India a couple of years ago, explored various destinations and finally started The Noname Guesthouse in Goa, Arambol. When I reached the guesthouse after a 2-hour drive from the airport, I was exhausted, but the moment I entered the building, all that exhaustion just vanished by looking at the warm and welcoming faces. After I freshened up, I introduced myself to Vera who offered me a quick breakfast. You’d also notice their cute little daughter hopping around her mum. During the peak season, they work with a team of more than 6 people to serve delicious food and take care of your needs during your stay.

Things to do around The Noname Guesthouse


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With Arambol beach just 200 mtr. away, the location of The Noname Guesthouse couldn’t be more perfect. This fisherman village is one of the most popular locations among international travellers. Arambol is also known for its Hippie culture, rich live music scene, mostly featuring psychedelic and fusion bands. To explore this area, you can easily rent a scooter at Rs. 300 per day and drive around hunting for cafes and markets. There are several local markets around, owned by both Indians and foreigners for you to shop and explore.
Here are some options-

1. Sweetwater Lake
2. Zen Garden
3. Arambol Hills
4. Banyan Tree (The Money Stone)
5. Shiva Moon Cafe
6. Bee’s Knee’s Cafe
7. Basho Cafe


How to reach The Noname Guesthouse

Now that I have convinced you of how wonderful this place is, let me tell you how to get there-

The Noname Guesthouse is on the main exit road to Arambol beach and fairly easy to get around. If you have arrived in Goa by flight or a bus (closest popular bus stop would be Panji which is 60 mins away) take a cab and stay on the main road till Arambol church junction and take the beach exit road. In case you get lost, ask anyone for Curves Fashion Shop or The Noname Guesthouse, you’ll get the right direction. From the airport, you’ll be charged Rs. 1800-2000 (depending on the time of the day) to get to the Guesthouse.

Special offer for Traversed Lands readers – Drop a DM to The Noname Guesthouse on Instagram with our reference to get a discount on your stay.

So there, you now have all the information that you need to make your stay fun in North Goa.
You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I am quite responsive there. If you looking for a few hidden gems to explore in India, try reading my blogs on Jibhi, Totam and Varkala.

Until next time.

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