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For business enquiries, sponsorships, collaboration or just to say hi or share a fun thing that happened with you today, please drop an email at hello@traversedlands.com. I usually respond within 24 hours. In case it is urgent, please add URGENT to the subject line. I will still respond within 24 hours (no, really, internet connectivity is very sketchy while travelling).


Social Media:

I am very active on social media channels (like my life depends on it!), except Snapchat (don’t get me started on Snapchat!). But you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Roposo.


Address for PR Packages:

Right! About that, please drop an email with relevant information and credentials. I shall get back to you.
I also like letters but the world can be creepy so let’s just stick to the aforementioned. I look forward to hearing from you. Much love.