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Know me better

Picture this- A girl from a small town (Indore isn’t that small anymore but you get the idea), decided to study fashion design at NIFT, Hyderabad because she wanted to run away from home and no other college would accept her. She worked as a designer for a year, only to realize that the ‘commercial industry’ of the most creative profession offers only the creative space of 2 square feet and a pay cheque that could only feed a pigeon, so she quit.

Two months later, she landed a job of a content writer/social media manager at a bootstrapped startup. Eventually, after late night study sessions and few funding rounds, she worked her way up to the position of Digital Marketing Manager at the same startup. She then travelled to Dharamkot to celebrate New Year (2016) with a friend and returned with an idea. An idea that later became Traversed Lands and her life changed for good.

Hi! My name is Kopal and that was my mundane life before I started Traversed Lands. I kept my full-time job, travelled and blogged for more than a year, until recently (September 2018), when a short stint at a fu*ked up company pushed me to become what I always wanted to be – a digital nomad. I now travel full-time, exploring and capturing moments and experiences.

So that’s the story so far. Stay tuned for more!