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A serene weekend at The Jim Corbett National park with The Riverview Retreat

Travel is therapeutic and we are sure you would agree too. If you’ve been following our blog, then you know we’d go to lengths to stay close to nature. And that’s precisely why we decided to spend a weekend right outside the Jim Corbett National Park.

Out of all our trips around the northern parts of India, we have to admit- this was one of the most relaxed and tranquil of all. We started from Delhi early in the morning and managed to get to our resort by noon. And after that, everything was just magical. Read on to know more.



Jim Corbett National Park is about 255 km from Delhi and you can pick your mode of transport according to your budget and time available on hand.

1. Flight: No! There, we said it. It is not an ideal mode of transport to reach Jim Corbett. However, if you are travelling from any other part of India, you can take a flight to Pantnagar which is about 50 km away from Corbett. From Pantnagar, you can take a taxi to the resort.

2. Bus: Jim Corbett is well-connected by buses. There are daily semi-deluxe and deluxe buses available for Ramnagar.

3. Train: The nearest railway station is Ramnagar and there is only one train from Delhi. It has several stops on the way, no need to rush. Pick this option only if you are travelling with a group, have a lot of time in hand and are looking for a fun train journey.



Days Required: 2

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into 5 zones and each zone has a distinct topography.


Zone Best time to Visit
Jhirna Zone Throughout the year
Dhikala Zone Mid-November to Mid-June
Bijrani Zone October to 30th June
Sonanadi Zone Throughout the year
Durga Devi Zone Mid-November to Mid-June


Planning a trip to any place gets easy as soon as you know where you are staying. While browsing on TripAdvisor, we came across a beautiful property and we knew we wanted to stay there. Why? It is nestled right next to a river. Yes, we are talking about The Riverview Retreat by Leisure Hotels.


Day 1  |  The Resort

When we arrived at The Riverview Retreat, we were greeted and welcomed by the staff dressed in their Kumaoni attire. After being offered some refreshments (Boy! We did need some), we were escorted to our rooms.


The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


After we freshened up, we headed to the Gurney House, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant in the resort itself. The head chef was kind enough to serve us an early lunch by the river Kosi. From Indian to Mughlai, Chinese to Continental, you name it, they had it.


Gurney House, The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


Post our lunch, we had hours to enjoy the lazy day, taking a stroll around the property, enjoying the vibrancy of flora and fauna, soaking ourselves in the sun and relaxing by the pool. So, we did.


Garden, The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


Garden, The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


During our dinner, we asked the resort manager to arrange a Gypsy for our Safari ride the next morning. We were too late to book one (bookings starts 2 months in advance) but he was able to arrange one and we were sorted for the next day.


The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


Post dinner came the best moments of our stay- the entertainment night. Imagine sitting next to a babbling brook, under a starry night, relishing the warmth from the bonfire and enjoying the Kumauni folk dance. Yes! That was it. We didn’t want the night to end. We were so indulged that we decided to join in. But then, all good things come to an end and so did the night. We had a long day ahead and it seemed wise to call it a night on time.


Day 2  |  The Safari

Exhilarated for the Wildlife Safari, we woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready and reach the safari gate by 6. After a quick and light breakfast (don’t miss your breakfast because the ride is almost 3-hour long and you will be famished by the time you return), we were all set to go. We were supposed to explore the Dhikala Zone and it was only 6 km from our resort. It took us only 10 minutes to get to the entrance gate.

As we entered the safari, we were surprised to see the well-maintained asphalt road in the jungle. When we asked our Gypsy driver about it, we were told that people lived inside the national park for a long time. It was only a few decades back when this area was evacuated for safety reasons. The road ended when we were about 3 km deep in the jungle and that’s when the fun began.


Jungle Safari, Jim Corbett National Park


After driving off-road for an hour, we heard a tiger roar. Man! We had goosebumps. And we weren’t the only ones who heard it. We rushed towards the point of origin and saw other vehicles gathering. We couldn’t get too close to the bushes because there is always a risk of an attack. All the drivers decided to stay put and wait for the tiger to show up somehow. After waiting for 30 minutes, we all made peace with the fact that we won’t see the tiger today and decided to move on. On our way back, we sighted some deer, elephants, and monkeys, not bad at all.


Gurney House, The Riverview Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park


After returning to the Resort, we had another round of breakfast and spent some time with the resort manager, listening to the stories about the national park, local cuisines, and people. We were invited for lunch at The Gateway Resort by Taj and we knew we were in for a treat. After indulging in the fresh Kumaoni cucumber with 5 flavoured salts, followed by a flavoursome Kumaoni Thali, we spent some time around the property. We were so mesmerized with the location and the experiences offered that we ended up promising the staff another trip very soon.


Kumaoni cucumber with 5 flavoured salts, The Gateway Resort by Taj, Jim Corbett National Park


After our lunch and a short property tour at The Gateway Resort, we headed to the Corbett Waterfall only to witness an astounding and unabated flow of water. We spent about 30 minutes at the falls and then proceeded towards the Corbett Museum. With the setting sun, we returned to our resort for dinner and our last entertainment night for the trip. It was a beautiful setting with live music and bonfire. We spent about 4 hours, sitting in the garden, listening to the oh-so-amazing artists. We only left for our rooms when the performance ended. We were to leave for Delhi early in the morning and it was pretty evident from our faces that we just didn’t want to leave.


Kumaoni Thali, The Gateway Resort by Taj, Jim Corbett National Park


Everything, from the ambience to the very affable and courteous staff, from the scrumptious food to the most fun evenings ever, our experience at The Riverview Retreat was nothing short of perfect.



Budget (for one)
Bus for Delhi ⇄ Ramnagar: Rs. 1000
Taxi from Ramnagar ⇄ The Riverview Retreat: Rs. 300
The Riverview Retreat: Rs. 5800/night per room
Gypsy Safari Ride: Rs. 3500/Gypsy
Food: Rs. 2500/day

The Riverview Retreat: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/the-river-view-retreat-corbett-resort/
The Gateway Resort by Taj: https://gateway.tajhotels.com/en-in/the-gateway-resort-corbett/



Hotter the weather, better the animal sighting. Locals suggest that it is easier to spot animals in summer as compared to winters as they come out of their dens often in search of water.


Well, now that you had fun reading this, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe. We will soon upload a video from the trip and you will be notified. 🙂

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Happy traversing, fellas!

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